October 21, 2017

Texas CNO Halfway Through DNP Executive Leadership

Kara Chavez, Chief Nursing Officer at Southwest General Hospital, was featured in The Sentinel Watch for her history and work towards getting a DNP (Online Doctor of Nursing Practice) with a specialization in executive leadership.

“Nursing is in my genes,” says Kara Chavez, 29-year nurse of San Antonio, Texas, whose mother and grandmother were both nurses. After working as CNA as a teen and an LVN for several years, Kara returned to school for the ADN in her home state of Illinois and began her career at OSF HealthCare in Bloomington. There, she worked her way up from critical care charge nurse to assistant director of the intensive care/pediatric intensive care units. “I helped start an open-heart program there—the first one in the area. It was a great 16-year career at OSF.” From 2000-2003, Kara served as OSF’s director of critical care. 

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